Embracing Emptiness

There's something always waiting to be created (AKA: what I learned when I went for a walk).

Emptiness is scary as hell. It's a seemingly endless void with nothing but room for doubt, criticism, overthinking, and one giant obstacle that we can't see. Emptiness can also be a sign of starting over — all of the grounding you've had with past projects was great until it catapulted you off a cliff which might be workable if you could even see the ground. It's terrifying.

There are going to be many many times in our lives where we feel this emptiness, this pit in our stomach reminding us that we're continuously in a countdown to our imminent deaths. At least that's how it feels to me. A little dramatic, yes, but real all the same. One thing that I have to face constantly is waiting too long to create something in fear that it's not perfect. Emptiness is the perfect canvas for everything that we don't attempt and I had time to think about this when I decided to go on a walk...It started with taking a picture...

"Two Pillars," photo by Stirling Myles

"Two Pillars," photo by Stirling Myles

I first saw these two blocks and I loved how they were predominant and stoic against a deserted background as if they were guarding a sacred space. The empty background started to have context. It just needed one element to fixate on. There was a start. I continued walking and took more pictures.

There's a lot beauty in unseen places and this applies to emptiness too. Space is still scary, but it's also a catalyst. And doing one thing can make all the difference in how you can view it. There's a fine balance of creating with intention and creating to create and it all comes down to being consistent. Creating something is one step closer to creating something you like. Use space and emptiness to your advantage, see it as an opportunity to take a risk. For me, it's this blog. I will be writing and posting every week. Creating something consistently takes time and practice, sometimes by kicking and screaming, but we get there. In the end, emptiness is always there, but it won't carry the same weight over us. It'll be nothing more than a canvas to paint with.

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