Gregory Alan Isakov

Acclaimed Colorado-based musician

Stirling brought enthusiasm, creativity, and diligence to the project that we worked on together.
— Sarah Levin, Manager

Moving Cities Project

Awarded film series

After just three months together we made more progress than imagined. The growth in creativity after such a short period has far exceeded our expectations. It seems rare that a creative talent like Stirling can offer such a good service. You’d be lucky to work with such an awesome guy.
— Jevan Chowdhury, Founder

Meg Russell Photography

San Francisco Photographer

I had such a great experience working with Stirling! We chatted about what I was looking for- copy for my new photography website- and he somehow took my jumbled thoughts and created beautifully worded copy. I really appreciate his quick turnaround time, because for me as a small business owner I tend to need things quickly! Hiring Stirling seriously saved me so much time and he told my story in a really beautiful way that I couldn’t have done on my own. I will definitely be using him again for my copywriting needs!
— Meg Russell, Founder

Derek Chan Films

Toronto Wedding Photographer & Videographer

I hired Sparkflame for a couple of projects. After our initial meeting, I knew that we’ve made the correct choice. Stirling was both professional and passionate at what he does. The turnaround time was fast and what impressed me the most was how personalized and neat the content was. It is a no brainer for me to recommend Stirling to anyone.
— Derek Chan, Founder

Aaron & Whitney Photography

Brooklyn Wedding Photography Duo

Here’s the thing - I have done a fair amount of writing myself. In addition to studying journalism and public relations in college, I took a great interest in technical writing with many courses centered around the subject. So, the truth is, I could do like I always have and written the copy for our photography business, but I opted to outsource this time and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only was I getting a creative aspect geared towards attracting clients out of my overthinking head and hands, but I was also building a relationship with a stellar individual. Enter: Stirling Myles.

Stirling and I hit it off right from the jump. We spent over an hour on the phone talking about the purpose and direction of my wife and I’s business while often venturing into territory that had nothing to do with the task at hand. And, to me, that’s a great thing. Why? Because it really brought in the human element of what Stirling does - He actually takes time to get to know the people for whom he’s writing. By the time our call ended, I felt as if I’d made a new friend and I could rest easy knowing that he understood the message we are trying to convey with Aaron & Whitney Photography. For an absolute lack of better words, he simply got it. And he did so by taking a real, honest interest in us both as business owners and simple, human creatives.

The work Stirling did was everything we could have possibly wanted. I don’t even think we really ran any revisions. He just nailed it right from the first draft. I honestly cannot say enough great things about this man and his abilities as a writer. He’s a stellar writer and an even better person. If you have the need for copywriting, his name should be one of your first considerations. And, really, your last. He’s that great.

Whit and I can’t thank him enough and when the need arises in the future for more copy, we will definitely be reaching out to him.
— Aaron Durall, Co-Founder

Seattle Magazine

Online and physical publication

Every now and then I accumulate a backlog of interviews I don’t have time to transcribe myself. At those times, Stirling is always the person I call: he’s reliable, efficient and asks the right questions. I frequently cover arts and music culture, and Stirling is a great writer, musician and creative who speaks the same language and can deliver a clean transcript in no time. When I have overflow work, I always call Stirling, and I’m always glad I did.
— Gwendolyn Elliott, Digital Editor

Foster Visuals

Awarded filmmaking company

Stirling helped to give our social platforms a much needed kickstart while working extremely hard to keep on point with our brand voice every step of the way.
— Brent Foster, Founder

Earth Walk Vermont

Non Profit Outdoor Educational Program

Stirling was hired as a social media consultant for EarthWalk Vermont, a non-profit nature education school in Plainfield, VT. We brought him in to improve EarthWalk’s presence on social media and our communication through these unique media outlets. Stirling was able to provide analytics for our current social media efforts, where he identified our strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, he provided us with a thorough understanding, set goals and a plan of how to improve. We were in constant contact and updates with our goals throughout our contract. In only a month, we significantly improved our presence on social media through Facebook and other outlets. Our online community’s engagement and awareness of EarthWalk improved significantly thanks to Stirling’s consulting. We highly recommend working with Stirling.
— Krystalynn Steckler, Event Coordinator


Financial consulting company

Working with Stirling was a pleasure. Sure, it’s easy to create a facebook page or twitter account. What’s much more difficult is developing a deep and authentic social media voice. Stirling can deliver exactly that. And, not only did he help shape the voice and look of our social media, he also built the backend tools to keep us organized and focused after handoff. I’d recommend Stirling to anyone who is serious about building a relevant and authentic social media voice.
— Jon Haas, Founder


Toronto boutique clothing company

I had Sparkflame do an audit of my boutique’s online presence. I have to admit i am a reluctant participant in social media but of course it is a key element to any successful business. Sparkflame was able to break down what was important for me to focus on and step by step broke down how to implement very simple and effective strategies. Also the experience and service was an absolute pleasure. I can’t say enough about how valuable and effective Sparkflame’s guidance has been for my business’ online strategy. I highly recommend their services.
— Joe De Paiva, Owner